Port Waikato Surf Cam

Port Waikato Surf Cam

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Manukau Recreational Forecast

Nearby coastal warnings: Nil for Raglan

Today: Variable 5 knots. Northeast 10 knots developing this evening. Sea slight. Fog patches. Westerly swell 1 metre.

Friday: Northeast 10 knots, rising to 15 knots in the morning. Easing to variable 5 knots in the evening. Sea slight. Poor visibility in few showers, turning into rain in the morning. Westerly swell 1 metre, rising to 2 metres.

Saturday: Variable 5 knots. Southwest 15 knots developing in the morning. Rain, clearing. Westerly swell 2 metres.

Sunday: Southwest 15 knots, turning northwest 15 knots early. Showers developing. Westerly swell 2 metres.

Monday: Westerly 15 knots. A few showers. Westerly swell 2 metres, rising to 4 metres.

Issued: 12:24pm Thu, 18 Jul

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Port Waikato Heads 3x Day Forecast

Surf Break

Port Waikato, this spot has more than your average west coast beach break, with some seriously beach break peaks, a gnarly reef and a sheltered bay for when the swell is maxing out everywhere else. The beach break has your usual array of heavy, west coast peaks that are best surfed at high tide. When the banks line up right though, it can turn into an almost point like set up, with exceptionally good lefts offering rides that will make your thighs burn. Walk out along the rocks at the south end when the swell is 4ft of more to get to the reef, which is a seriously heavy wave, breaking left over some sharp and shallow rocks. The bay at the south end, between the cliffs and an outcrop of rocks can also get good, and at lower tides this can be a great option when the rest of the west coast is maxing out. Theres a pretty dedicated local scene down here so surf respectfully.