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Surfing in Wellington

A film documenting a cold and blustery Winter adventure to the South End of the North Island. The forecast looked terrible most of time we were down there, besides a few hours one morning. We made the decision to spend more time surfing than filming, so I was lucky Ted Whitaker supplied the majority of … Read more

SurfTV – ‘Vacuum’ – A lo-fi surf film by Kai Neville

‘Vacuum’ the latest visual portrait from director Kai Neville, offers a captivating visual collage of the Epokhe surf team. Collected from various locations around the globe, these clips provide a kaleidoscopic depiction of their world. Shot primarily around beloved home breaks, the film captures iconic footage of the team in action. While showcasing familiar faces, … Read more

Epic Pipeline 3rd Dec 2023

Filmed on December 3, 2023 at Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu. The first real Pipeline swell filled in the night before. Wave heights are in the 6-10 foot range with some occasional second reef sets. Pro surfers are getting ready for the Pipe Masters which starts in a few days! The line up … Read more

SurfTV – Film – Calypte “A sailing and surfing voyage”

Torren Martyn - 'Calypte - a sailing and surfing voyage' - needessentials

When Torren and Aiyana borrowed the 35ft sailing boat ‘Calypte’ and departed from the east coast of Thailand in early 2022, they had a combined sailing experience of only a few days. The one requirement of their charter was to eventually deliver the boat to Eastern Indonesia. They could learn as they went, get a … Read more

SurfTV – Following the Fall Line

Flowing on from concepts explored in the 1977 film “Fall Line,” cinematographers Ti Deaton-Young, Milo Inglis and Gabe Roxburgh beautifully capture the way Bryce’s environment and community influence his creative approach to life.

‘Following the Fall Line’ is a portrait of Bryce Young and the people who have inspired him on his own journey. This film, produced by needessentials and edited by Milo Inglis, showcases the unique surfing and skateboarding talents of Bryce Young while giving an in-depth understanding of the influences that have helped shape his creative … Read more