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Surfco Friday The 13th, Afternoon Surf Update – 13th, August 2021

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Friday the 13th Afternoon Surf Update

Welcome back to The Friday Afternoon Surf Update aka FASU!

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Next week Raglan Academy NZ School Champs, roll into Manu Bay, Raglan. Follow them on Facebook

Find out below where is pumping this weekend and go the ABs!

See you out back, yeeeew! 

Miles @ Surfco 🤙

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Short Surf forecast for all of NZ

Spring weather continues with a low to the south of New Zealand, pushing large SW swells up the country and a high to the north, creating a west to south west flow. 


Large SW swell on Saturday and bigger on Sunday on the West Coast. A moderate SE swell is running from Gizzy down to Dunedin. 


South West winds dominate on Saturday with lighter westerly winds on Sunday. There are Southerly winds in the North Island Sunday morning. South Island Eats Coast is the pick of the bunch!



West Coast:

Spring continues to plague the West Coast 3m waves across the weekend on exposed beaches and SW to W winds from Taranaki through to Northland. There will be a fun wave on the points in Raglan if you don’t mind a bit of on shores. Winds go Southerly on Sunday morning when New Plymouth and Raglan might have a window of offshores. Might be time for a Far North road trip…



High 14.00

Low 07:30


North East Coast and BOP:

For those of you who live on this coast, you know what the surf is like in Spring… hard work. This weekend might see a tiny wave leftover on Saturday morning if you want to grovel. Sunday is even smaller. At least the winds are clean and offshore with West to South West winds. Get out the gardening gloves.  



High 11:00

Low 17.00


East Coast:

Gizzy and the Wairarapa continue to deliver. While it is not firing, at least there are some waves. Saturday sees around 0.5m of swell with NW offshores. Napier is flat in town, sorry, maybe head out to Oceans. Sunday is looking good with a lift in the swell to around 1m. Winds will be strong in the Wairarapa, but Gizzy looks fun, however, winds turn onshore in the afternoon. 



High 09.00

Low 15.00



Wellington has some small waves this weekend, however, those winds will be a real issue. Lyall will have a small 0.5m on Saturday with a lift to 1m on Sunday morning with a 14 second period. Winds will be NW on Sunday and N on Sunday, however, it will be blowing over 25knts.  


Titahi Bay is great today and continues to deliver with around 1.5m on Saturday and 1m on Sunday. It will be driven by NW wind swell, but it’s better than a kick in the teeth.  



High 13:30

Low 07:30



North West Coast:

The West Coast washing machine continues with 3m swells over the weekend. Winds are W in the morning, going SW in the afternoon on Saturday, go north of Westport and find some shelter. Sunday is the pick of the bunch with winds light and from the S, that’s the time to hit it before they turn SW again in the afternoon. 



High 15:00

Low 08:30


Middle – North East Coast:

This weekend, Kaikoura has some small waves, with a small 0.5m on Saturday with a lift to a 1m on Sunday morning with a 14 second period. Winds will be NW on Saturday morning, turning strong SW in the afternoon. Sunday is the pick of the bunch with light winds and a decent size swell. Get out there and hit the points!  


Christchurch looks a little rough in town this weekend but if you search you should be able to find a little gem. Saturday and Sunday will have around 0.5 of swell. Winds turn from NW on Saturday morning to SW in the afternoon you should be able to find a little longboard wave in Sumner. The swell is even smaller Sunday, but winds are light. South of Banks Peninsular is looking SPICY, 1m Saturday and 1-2m on Sunday with offshores. Get out there!!!!!!



High 08:0

Low 14:0


South East Coast:

Good ol Dunedin, the shining light of Spring, Saturday swell builds to 2m in the afternoon and it’s even bigger Sunday. The winds are West on Saturday, which is not great in town but if you search, you should get some good waves out on the Peninsular. Sunday is pumping!!!!! Swell picks up and the winds go NW in the morning, it’s cold, but you get year-round surf, shaka! Small 0.5m waves north of town, but winds are good. 



High 07:30

Low 13:00


By Surfco Surf Forecaster, Andrew follow @nzsurfreport


Surf Quote of the Week

“It’s like the mafia. Once you’re in – your in.

There’s no getting out.” – Kelly Slater aka The GOAT

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