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Surfco Friday Afternoon Surf Update – 6th August 2021

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Hello old friend, it’s been a while. 

Welcome back to The Friday Afternoon Surf Update aka FASU!

Established in 1997, Surfco has returned in 2021!

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We will be unashamedly asking for funding to go directly into upgrading the website and our camera network. Along with helping support the New Zealand surf industry.

More on that later.

 Reach out as we love feedback and what you would like to see on the new site.

Enjoy the surf update below and a weekend of waves ahead.

See you out back, yeeeew!

Miles @ Surfco 🤙

Short Surf forecast for all of NZ

A low moves off the country to the east on Friday, a ridge of high pressure moves in over Saturday, followed by another low from the West on Sunday. Typical Spring westerlies!

Large SW swell on Saturday is replaced by even bigger SW waves on Sunday on the West Coast. A moderate SE swell is running from Gizzy down to Dunedin.

South West winds dominate on Saturday, with lighter westerlies on Sunday morning turning strong by Sunday afternoon in the North Island and turning South in the South Island.


West Coast:

Conditions are not looking great for the West Coast with 3m waves across the weekend on exposed beaches and SW to W winds from Taranaki through to Northland. There will be a fun wave on the points in Raglan if you don’t mind a bit of on shores. Winds go South on Monday afternoon when New Plymouth and Raglan might have a window of offshores.


High 08.30

Low 14:50

North East Coast and BOP:

You have had one of the best winters in a long time, unfortunately not this weekend with typical Spring weather on the NE Coast. Leftover 0.5m wind swell will hang around on Saturday morning with strong SW offshores, pull out the longboard and hunt out a micro peak. Sunday is even smaller with NW winds, it might be a good day to pull out the golf clubs.


High 06:00

Low 12.20

East Coast:

Spring is when Gizzy shines, and this weekend is no exception. Saturday and Sunday both around 1.5m of swell and light winds, might be time for a road trip! Napier has around 0.5m of a wave in town with light winds. Down in the Wairarapa, there is 1.5m, and light offshores Saturday morning turn onshore Sunday PM. Sunday morning is onshore, with winds turning north in the afternoon.


High 04.00

Low 10.00


Winter has been rough for the South Coast this winter with very little surf. This is still the case on Saturday and Sunday. There is around half a meter in Lyall Bay with winds tuning south in the afternoon on both days, get out in the morning for a fun longboard.

Titahi Bay on the other hand has had a fun winter and this is continuing on Saturday with around a meter of swell on both days. Winds turn south in the afternoon, so have a sleep in and treat yourself in the arvo.


High 09:00

Low 15:00


North West Coast:

Saturday is looking pretty rugged with 2.5m of swell and strong SW winds brrrr, north of Westport might have a few spots on offer if you can find some shelter.

Sunday is the pick of the bunch n the West Coast with around 3m of SW groundswell, winds are east then turning south later in the afternoon, try and find somewhere sheltered and get shacked! Monday is similar with clean South winds!


High 10:00

Low 03:30

Middle – North East Coast:

Kaikoura looks great Saturday morning with 1.5m SE swell, and light winds points should be on. Sunday still sees 1.5m of swell however, winds are East then South. Get out Saturday if you can.

Christchurch has had a pretty good run in town recently. Saturday sees fun waves with 1m of east swell and SW winds, Sunday the swell drops down to a 0.5m with SE winds, Saturday is your day.

South of Banks Peninsular not looking so good with South winds both days.


High 02:45

Low 08:30

South East Coast:

Dependable Dunedin continues to pump. However, you want to be north of town this weekend with pesky west winds. St Clair will see 2 m of south swell both days with west winds, turning south Sunday arvo. North of town, there is 1.5m of east swell on Saturday and around 1m on Sunday west winds turning south in the arvo. Out there Saturday for a long right-hander!

Winds stay West on Monday.


High 14:30Low 08:00

By Surfco Surf Forecaster Andrew follow @nzsurfreport

Surf Quote of the Week

“Surfing is a religious act of commitment; with commitment comes faith, with faith comes the blessing, with the blessing comes the reward of a perfect day on a perfect wave. It is what we make of it.”

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