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Friday Flix : “INTHEOPENAIR”

Awarded 2020 best New Zealand film and 2020 grassroots award at the Aotearoa surf film festival.“intheopenair” follows one surfer, five New Zealand made surfboards and two winter months around the south coast of the North Island. It is an appreciation and celebration of the everyday surfer doing it for the pure enjoyment of the craft. A film created by Sam Curtin and Sink or Surface.“open air”noun 1. A free or unenclosed space outdoors. “getting out in the open air”adjective 1. Located or taking place out of doors._BOARDSIN ORDER OF APPEARANCERAY FINLAY 6’4″MICKEY T 7’10”ROGER TITCOMBE 10’0″CRAIG HUGHES 5’10”HAYDEN CHAMBERLAIN 6’4″_MUSICIN ORDER OF APPEARANCEBEYOND, LONGLAKEAURORA, VESKYLOTUS, LONGLAKEPRISM, LONGLAKE