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4 Men Compete to surf the LONGEST Wave

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Brought to you by Stab and Byron Bay Brewery, the show features four of Byron’s most colourful and irreverent surfers, competing in four unique challenges, for the chance to win 1,000,000 cents (or $10,000 AUD). S.U.R.F.ers Ozzie Wright, Jake Vincent, Soli Bailey and Ari ‘Krooky’ Browne showcase the diverse and eclectic spectrum of surfing’s true audience. The challenges they will be competing in relate to the average surfer’s everyday experience, a far cry away from the saturated hi-fi competitive and freesurf porn of mainstream surf media. Episode 1 is the Space challenge – The goal of this challenge is to cover as much distance as humanly possible, making board and wave selection critically important. Distance will be assessed by Ripcurl’s GPS watches to track our surfers as they cavort, slide and sabotage each other for the chance of taking an early lead on the S.U.R.F. leaderboard. This forms the first of four challenges that will be covered across four separate episodes delivered weekly. The surfer with the highest total after the four challenges will be awarded with the glory of taking out the inaugural S.UR.F. series, as well as 1,000,000 cents. Episode 2 – Aug 24 Episode 3 – Sep 2 Episode 4 – Sep 10