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Sally - First Glimpse - NZ Movie Premier

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On Friday 26th October Major Toms and Damaged Goods Zine are hosting the New Zealand premier of a brand new independent surf movie titled Sally. Nah it’s not a blue crush style girls flick, in fact the closest thing it has to a female in there is our buddy Rangi Ormond’s long locks tearing apart the waves of Taranaki in the opening segment.


This films about epic travel adventures and features amazing surfing from a stellar cast including Craig Anderson, Ryan Callinan, Andrew Mooney and Marti Paradisis.

Screening will be at 9:00pm, free entry!

You can check out more on the film on

A new surf film "Sally" coming late 2012. It has a section in it from NZ and also featuring Rangi Ormond!

"You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, You travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself."

Starring; Craig Anderson, Ryan Callinan, Marti Paradisis, Mikey Brennan, Michael Spencer, Rangi Ormond, Tyler Holmer-Cross and Andrew Mooney.


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