Fresh off the printer the May/June installmen of New Zealand Surfing Magazine brings to you the best swells and sessions from the last few months.

Posted on Monday May 14th 2012 at 8:58 p.m. by

Along with a the results from the biggest survey ever conducted on what are New Zealand's best surf breaks, taking votes from many of our greatest surfers and local legends up, down, and across the country, you can count on this as being the gospel of best breaks. We took to the road and chased the first and only cyclone swell of the year and scored many lucky sessions elsewhere. In this issue we feature.

Morehu Roberts only days before moving down to Christchurch lucked into an epic session at a West Coast Beachie in a session we named "Winners are Losers" to put it frankly Morehu got kegged off his head and bagged this issues cover while having the time of his life.

The 71st Primo Roady- With the Gisborne region being in a state of isolation, we are forced to take different routes in and out, and come across a freak wave in all its glory, but were we welcome?

Losers are Winners- After losing out at a major contest held in poor waves, a few losers go for a short drive and turn out winners, after stumbling across some of the best beach break waves they'd ever laid eyes on. We investigate why contests don't necessarily chase the best waves.

Easter Eggstravaganza - The West and East Coast of both islands were firing this Easter. We travelled to Taranaki to find not a chocolate egg in sight, just lines of pumping swell.

NZ's Best Wave's- In our most intensive poll ever, The votes are back from a selection of this country's most travelled and experienced surfers and we crown our best surf breaks across all categories.

Faces of Daphne- After an all time 2011, this years East Coast run simply didn't leave the blocks until Cyclone Daphne saved the day in style.

Plus: Arataki's Luca Cressy as the rising grom. The TSB Bank New Zealand Surf Festival- The Worlds best women score pumping Fitzroy Beach for the World Tour event. X-Pat Files with Crosby Webb. Hell sequences of Mitch Tamati, Choppy O'Leary and Billy Stairmand. And much more.

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