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The host Northland surfing team are back at the top of the congested leader board at the National Scholastic Surfing Championships after day four (Thursday 13th October) with only one day of competition remaining.

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It was not until the last round of the day that Northland eeked out a slender 200 point leader to finish the day in first place. The difference came down to Louie Smith edging out Stefan Gross of Auckland which relegated the Auckland team to second for the first time during the day.

Day four was held at Rarawa Beach on the East Coast north of Kaitaia. The pristine beach offered up clean 1.0m waves and good offshore winds making for a perfect playground for New Zealand's best junior surfers.

The Northland team were ecstatic about topping the leader board with one day remaining. They will look to hold on to top spot at the event which would be a vast improvement on the seventh placing they achieved in 2010. It would also be the first time they have lifted the teams trophy in the 23 year history of the event.

Smith will be joined by team mates Paul Moretti and the Scott - Arrieta brothers Patxi and Manu during the final day of action.

Patxi Scott - Arrieta was a standout on the penultimate day of the event posting a 14.43 point heat total after laying down some powerful forehand gouges that set him apart from the rest of the Under 18 Boys field of surfers. The quietly spoken young surfer appeared stoked with his performance as were his team mates who ran down to congratulate him after the heat.

The Auckland challenge will now rest on a strong contingent of girls as well as their bodyboard and longboard surfers. Wade Kindred is the last male surfer standing in the Under 16 Boys Division after battling through to the semifinals behind Paul Moretti who together defeated Mahorahora McLeod (Tara) and Ben Wallis (Wai).

The Canterbury team rose as high as second place today before slipping back to fifth. However, with five surfers remaining in the event they have the ability to gain some valuable points and climb back up the rankings.

The Canterbury team saw top performances from Taylor McNeil, Max Cooke and Harrison Whiteside who all moved through to the semifinals of their respective divisions.

Taylor McNeil was a standout for the team scoring 11.07 out of a possible 20 points to win his Under 18 Boys heat over Kahu Craig - Ranga (BOP) and Josh Kettle (Tara).

Craig - Ranga is one of five Bay of Plenty surfers remaining in the event as they try to desperately defend their title. The team is looking strong and with solid surfers scattered throughout the final day of action, they could look to jump up the leader board from their equal third placing with Gisborne.

Day four saw the first team eliminated from the event with Hawkes Bay surfer Jorden Dyer placing 13th in the Under 18 Boys Division. The Hawkes Bay Team finished the event in tenth place overall after fielding five out of a possible twelve surfers.

The final day of competition is likely to venture out onto the points at Shipwreck Bay with an increasing southwest swell. Westerly winds are forecast but the swell should build throughout the day with only five hours remaining to complete the event.

Please see below for results from day four of the National Scholastic Surfing Championships held at Rarawa Beach, Northland today (Thursday 13th October 2011).

Team Points
1, Northland, 16825
2, Auckland, 16625
3, Gisborne, 16575
3, Bay of Plenty, 16575
5, Canterbury, 16195
6, Taranaki, 14700
7, Coromandel, 12505
8, Waikato, 11975
9, Wellington, 7625
10, Hawkes Bay, 4575

Under 18 Boys Round 2
Heat 1

Sid West (Wai), 13.17, 1, Kahu Craig-Ranga (BOP), 10.67, 2, Jacob Steens (BOP), 6.63, 3, Jorden Dyer (Hbay), 5.87, 4
Heat 2
Josh Kettle (Tara), 11.23, 1, Peri Matenga (BOP), 9.6, 2, Eli MacDonald (Tara), 8.5, 3, Seth Marshall (Tara), 4.3, 4
Heat 3
Taylor McNeil (Chch), 11.93, 1, Jack Hawke (Chch), 7.17, 2, Hugh Ritchie (Chch), 6.97, 3, Matt Sanger (Tara), 5.6, 4
Heat 4
Jacob Kohn (Gis), 12.5, 1, Louie Smith (Nrth), 8.57, 2, Nat Hughes (Wai), 8.43, 3, Jack Treacy (Nrth), 6.8, 4
Heat 5
Patxi Scott-Arrieta (Nrth), 11.23, 1, Stefan Gross (Auck), 6.6, 2, Fraser Chatham (Coro), 6.6, 3, Billy Harmon (Chch), 6.17, 4
Heat 6
Ben Poulter (Wai), 10.33, 1, Dillon Tarrant (Wai), 7.2, 2, Fintan Cram (Coro), 6.73, 3, Olly Le Noel (Auck), 6.3, 4

Under 18 Boys Quarterfinals
Heat 1
Sid West (Wai), 12.83, 1, Peri Matenga (BOP), 9.3, 2, Jack Hawke (Chch), 6.8, 3
Heat 2
Taylor McNeil (Chch), 11.07, 1, Kahu Craig-Ranga (BOP), 9.57, 2, Josh Kettle (Tara), 7.1, 3
Heat 3
Patxi Scott-Arrieta (Nrth), 14.43, 1, Jacob Kohn (Gis), 10.17, 2, Dillon Tarrant (Wai), 2.6, 3
Heat 4
Ben Poulter (Wai), 13.33, 1, Louie Smith (Nrth), 8.33, 2, Stefan Gross (Auck), 7.5, 3

Under 16 Boys Quarterfinals
Heat 1
Adam Grimson (Gis), 10.5, 1, Max Cooke (Chch), 8.23, 2, Ware Wano (Auck), 7.67, 3, Duncan Milne (Gis), 5.77, 4
Heat 2
Jules Craft (Gis), 12.57, 1, Levi Stewart (Coro), 11.5, 2, Josh Taylor (BOP), 9.73, 3, Jordan Hart (Tara), 6.57, 4
Heat 3
Sean Kettle (Tara), 12, 1, Mac Christie (BOP), 11.5, 2, Taylor Louie (Auck), 7.57, 3, Mackenzie Bowden (Coro), 7.03, 4
Heat 4
Paul Moretti (Nrth), 12.27, 1, Wade Kindred (Auck), 7.67, 2, Mahorahora McLeod (Tara), 7.03, 3, Ben Wallis (Wai), 3.2, 4

Under 14 Boys Semifinal
Heat 1
Taylor Hutchison (Wai), 9.3, 1, Harrison Whiteside (Chch), 7.97, 2, Quinn Matenga (BOP), 7.17, 3, Ryan Renall (Nrth), 4.13, 4
Heat 2
Te Rapai Barbarich-Love (Tara), 11.73, 1, Manu Scott-Arrieta (Nrth), 7.8, 2, Jack Virtue (Gis), 5.87, 3, Rory Edmonds (Chch), 4.7, 4

A list of previous National Scholastic Champions is located on the Surfing New Zealand website under events.

A special thanks goes out to the local Ahipara community for hosting the event in their waters, Koura Kore Marae, Roma Marae and Ransom Surf Wax for supplying all the groms for the week.

For more information on the National Scholastic Surfing Championships please contact Ben Kennings on 021 2278732 or email Media releases will be distributed at the end of each days surfing.

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